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An Anglican Communion delegation has demanded the full inclusion of women at all levels of decision-making and leadership in the church. The delegation submitted the issue as an issue for action and requested that the Anglican Church take positive action toward gender equality.

CSWIssues of violence against women, climate change, human trafficking and modern slavery were cited in the statement signed by 19 Anglican Communion delegates, each officially representing her province.

The delegation’s statement, from the 59th Session of the UN Commission for the Status of Women, requests that church leaders lobby their governments for the implementation of policies improving women’s access to healthcare. It also demands that Anglican churches use their connections, create awareness and educate communities on such critical issues as child marriages, rape and domestic violence.

The Anglican women delegates agreed on the importance of community action, requesting that local churches create awareness and educate communities on such issues as child marriages, rape and domestic violence.

The statement highlights the importance of men and women working together: “Many women feel unable to speak out about their experiences, or feel unheard, because of legal and cultural constraints. We welcome men and boys who recognise the equal humanity of women and girls and encourage them to join us in eradicating gender-based violence.”

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