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Prime Minister David Cameron will include new counter-terrorism measures aimed at tackling radical extremism in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech.

A new Bill will be intended to “catch not just those who spread or incite hatred on the grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake harmful activities for the purpose of overthrowing democracy”, according to newspaper reports today.

Banning orders will be created for extremist organisations which “seek to undermine democracy or use hate speech in public places”, but banning solely on the grounds of provoking hatred will not be included. Measures will include a ban on broadcasting, and a requirement to submit to the police, in advance, any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print.

David_Cameron_officialNew powers will be created to close premises, including mosques, where extremists seek to influence others. The Charity Commission will also be given more powers to root out charities that misappropriate funds towards extremism and terrorism in an attempt to prevent ‘entryist’ subversion of existing organisations.

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