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The All Faiths Network reaches into some twenty-five different belief and faith traditions. Our aim is the furtherance of mutual respect.

We welcome membership from people of every faith and belief. The All Faiths Network is a registered charity (No. 1145611)

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The All Faiths Network Director participated and spoke at an international convention held in Florence, Italy entitled “Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe, a difficult journey”. The meeting was recognized by the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and conferred with a medal of the President of the Italian Republic.

A range of religious freedom issues from Western Europe to Russia to China were covered. Legal, sociological, philosophical and practical perspectives, as well as causes behind them and different ways to deal with these issues were developed. The focus of All Faiths Network was the vital need to build on and improve dialogue in conflictual situations. Mr. Weightman said that, “Even when there is a legal framework to protect rights – and that is not always the case – it can be slow and not always effective. Communication between parties is vital to improve understanding and there are always ways to break down the most impenetrable of walls and break down false perceptions. Again it might not be a fast process but it is vital to persist along this path as well as take other legal and non-violent means.”

For a more extensive summary of the conference please go to https://freedomofbelief.net/activities/international-convention-law-and-freedom-of-belief-in-europe-a-difficult-journey

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